The Importance of Quality, With Daniel Scott Goldman

February 16, 2018
Daniel Scott Goldman
Under Daniel Scott Goldman’s strong leadership, Ecologic Furniture has played a critical role as a pioneer in sustainable business practices, as well as in recycling and green manufacturing practices. Like any businessman, he wants Ecologic to be the best in the business, even as it holds a place as one of the most responsible companies anywhere. Of course, Daniel could save money building his products, but he also believes in total customer satisfaction. While customers might save a little on the short run with cheaper furniture, such savings would dissipate if they had to replace it every other year.

Again, quality is a hallmark, so such things aren’t necessary all that often. The furniture’s construction includes such design features as kiln-dried hardwoods, double-stitched seams and heavy-gauge inner springs, which means all pieces are far less likely to scratch, sag or rip than most other such furniture, even under heavy use.

Their carpentry is first rate, using dovetailed drawer boxes, internal four-way rail systems and ball bearing drawer climes in their chests and dressers. Their beds are made with “Tubular EcoSteel” platforms that will last a lifetime and solid wood headboard posts, among other features to make them last forever. All wood is completely finished to prevent splitting and they also feature nylon corner blocks, as a way to make sure everything works perfectly every time.

The High Quality and Conscientiousness of Daniel Scott Goldman

November 20, 2017
It is simply the case that Daniel Scott Goldman wants his company, Ecologic Furniture, to be the best in the business of making furniture solutions for college residence life. Some business leaders might try to save money on the manufacture of these types of products, but Daniel isn’t like that. He believes that complete customer satisfaction is the key to building a sustainable business, which is why he refuses to sacrifice long-term solvency for short-term profits. He understands that he could make a little more profit and save his customers a little money on the short-term by building furniture more cheaply, but how often would they come back if they had to replace the furniture every couple of years?

You see, Daniel Scott Goldman decided many years ago that it was better to make high quality and stylish furniture that would last a lifetime than to make furniture that would never withstand the rigorous demands of the residence life market. It is obvious that Daniel Scott Goldman and Ecologic Furniture believe in total customer service. Their vaunted EcoCare program, for example, provides every customer with complete customer service for the life of their furniture, including a dedicated 800 number and a dedicated account project manager, both of which are available anytime they need something.

They believe in great service at every step of the process. For example, all Ecologic customers also receive custom interior design services, an honest evaluation of their current furniture and a complete installation that will pass any white-glove inspection when it is complete. All of that is before any student has ever used or abused the furniture. One university has praised the company for the “care and concern” they put into every step of the process, from design to ordering, delivery and installation of each piece of furniture. And that is just how Daniel Scott Goldman likes it.